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Our Mission

Our Vision

Imparting, impacting, and empowering women returning to society by fostering transformative lifestyle changes and breaking cycles of recidivism.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide women, 21 years or older, who are returning to society, with safe and stable shared housing for up to 1 year, alongside holistic supportive services in Employment, Healthcare, Education, and Spiritual Guidance. Equipping and empowering every woman to change her life, reconnect with family, and make a difference in her community—ultimately ending cycles of recidivism.

We believe all women can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.

Meet Our Team

Meet the Founder | Executive Director

Years ago, a desire was kindled in Ruby’s heart to establish a temporary transitional house for women. Initially, she envisioned this housing as a refuge for homeless veteran women. However, with her involvement in ministering to women in prison and seeing the need for housing for the women returning to society, Ruby knew she was called to serve these women 21 years old or older regardless of status. Despite Evolve Tranzishenz Houz Inc. being established in January 2020, God continued to unveil crucial details to implement this great vision one step at a time.

Evolve Tranzishenz Houz Inc. vision has evolved into creating a shared housing environment for women reintegrating into society. This vision is deeply personal, inspired not only by divine guidance but also by Ruby’s experience as a mother of a daughter who has faced similar challenges. This personal connection intensified her commitment to offering a safe and stable environment for women emerging from jail or prison without stable housing plans.

Evolve Tranzishenz Houz Inc. aims to provide these women with a place of refuge, where they can rebuilding their lives. The mission goes beyond mere shelter, focusing on holistic supportive services. It encompasses securing employment, accessing healthcare, and pursuing education, whether through obtaining a GED or receiving career training. At its core, the mission also emphasizes spiritual well-being, helping women heal spiritually, mentally, and emotionally from deep wounds, and learning to love themselves from the inside out understanding that God loves them unconditionally.

Evolve Tranzishenz Houz Inc.'s ultimate goal is to break the cycle of recidivism. We strive to give these women hope and a new life, showing them that someone truly cares and is committed to helping them achieve their potential. Evolve Tranzishenz Houz Inc. seeks to equip and empower these women to become the best versions of themselves, living as God intended—on purpose, with purpose, and for purpose. Living intentionally!


Ruby Evans Leak
Founder & Executive Director

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